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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Bowen University Library

A library is organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution, a corporation, or a private individual. Public and institutional collections and services.

Libraries often provide quiet areas for studying, and they also often offer common areas to facilitate group study and collaboration. They often provide public facilities for access.

Modern libraries are increasingly being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. They are extending services beyond the physical walls of a building, by providing.

Electronic means, and by providing the assistance of librarians in navigating and analyzing very large amounts of information with digital tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bowen University Library Document Delivery Service (BULDDS)

Document Delivery Form 

DDS is a chargeable service, and the supply of document is governed by copyright restrictions in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In BULDDS information such as  Institutional/Individual name, Requester (Mr. /Mrs./Dr./Prof:), Phone (Mobile) No., E-mail, Title of Journal, Vol./Issue No./Yr., Page No. will be requested.



1. Other libraries in Nigeria and corporate bodies.

2. Government agencies, institutions e.t.c in Nigeria.

3. Libraries and individuals in diaspora.


Delivery  Method

  • Self-Collection
  • Post
  • Courier
  • By proxy, to come with:

-Requester’s identification card

-Letter of authorization

-Email correspondence between requester and  DDS staff.

If an item is lost, you will have to pay to the library the current cost price of the item plus 15% of the cost price as administrative charges
  • As an undergraduate, you are entitled to borrow a maximum of 2 items for 2 weeks.
  • As an academic staff, you are entitled to 4 items for 4 weeks
  • As a Senior Administrative staff, you are entitled to 2 items for 2 weeks.
A valid Bowen University ID card is sufficient.
Yes, the library does. The library charges the following:

  • A book – N50.00 per day for staff, N10.00 per day for students
  • A multimedia item – N100.00 per day for staff
  • Bound journals – N50 per day for both students and staff
Items can be renewed twice after the first loan. Thereafter the item is returned to the library, and can only be borrowed again after two weeks.
No. The library encourages users to comply with the Nigerian Copyright Act. The ‘fair use’ principle of the Act only allows you to copy a portion of a work such as a chapter from a book, an article from a journal or newspaper, a picture or a short story from a collective work.
Yes, but the folder must be submitted for checking when going out of the library.
For membership of the library, you need to complete a membership registration form obtainable from the circulation desk of the Library.

Both staff and students are required to Present Bowen University Identity Card before they are given a membership form to fill.

  • Books on shelf
  • Compact Disc (CD) accompanying books
  • Bound periodicals (overnight and over the weekend only)
  • Multimedia items (short loan only to academic staff)